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The DegenScore Beacon is an Ethereum soulbound token designed to identify and highlight a user's crypto skills & abilities and make them available both on-chain and off-chain.

Any Ethereum user can connect one or more addresses on and mint a Beacon if she is eligible: currently a 700 DegenScore points threshold is enforced.

Once a user mints his Beacon to an address of their choice, anyone can permissionlessly use the Beacon on-chain and off-chain to leverage or gather insights into the user's on-chain reputation.

The DegenScore Beacon holders are an on-chain community of crypto users that want to be recognized and rewarded for their verifiable on-chain skills and contributions. The DegenScore team is committed to building products and experiences on top of the Beacon but anyone can use the Beacon as a permissionless API and do the same.

Why we built the DegenScore Beacon

Our mission is to enable crypto natives to own and leverage their on-chain skills and reputation. We want to build an internet where tangible, measurable, on-chain contributions drive someone's success and push their crypto journey forward.

With the DegenScore Beacon, crypto projects can identify, target and distinguish between mercenary users and potential high-value users.

DegenScore Beacon