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On-chain Integration

The Beacon contract can be found at: beacon.degenscore.eth

The DegenScore Beacon Smartcontract exposes a simple API to integrate with the beacon on-chain.


Since only Traits are stored on-chain the contract can only return a result for Traits.

interface IDegenScoreBeaconReader {
* @dev returns the Beacon data for a account
* @param account the address of the Beacon holder
* @return beaconData the metadata of a Beacon holder
function beaconDataOf(address account) external view returns (BeaconData memory);

* @dev returns the owner address of a beaconId
* @param beaconId the Beacon ID
* @return owner the address of the Beacon owner
function ownerOfBeacon(uint128 beaconId) external view returns (address owner);

* @notice This is used to lookup a Trait of a account.
* `maxAge` can be used to only return a Trait value if the Trait is not older than the specified age.
* If no Trait is found or the Trait is older than `maxAge` it returns 0
* @dev returns the value for a Trait of a account
* @param account the address of the user
* @param traitId the Trait ID of the Trait
* @param maxAge the maximum age of a Trait in seconds
function getTrait(
address account,
uint256 traitId,
uint64 maxAge
) external view returns (uint192);

* @notice Lookup traits in batches
function getTraitBatch(
address[] memory accounts,
uint256[] memory traitIds,
uint64[] memory maxAges
) external view returns (uint192[] memory);

* @notice returns all traits of an account
* @param account the address of the account to lookup
* @return traitIds the Trait IDs of the account
* @return traitValues the values for each Trait ID
* @return updatedAt the timestamp of when the Beacon was updated
function getAllTraitsOf(address account)
returns (
uint256[] memory traitIds,
uint192[] memory traitValues,
uint64 updatedAt

* @dev returns the metadata URL for the `traitId`
* @param traitId the ID of the Trait
* @return url the URL of the Trait metadata
function getTraitURI(uint256 traitId) external view returns (string memory);

* @dev returns the metadata URL of the Beacon. This is used to get secondary traits.
* @param beaconId the ID of the Beacon
* @return url the URL of the Beacon metadata
function getBeaconURI(uint128 beaconId) external view returns (string memory);


Checking for a Trait

To check if a user has a cretan Trait the getTrait method should be used.


This call tries to fetch the degen_score trait of a user. The maxAgeargument should be used to only return a value if the user updated his beacon within the last month. If the user has not updated within the last mont the value returned will be 0.

uint192 degenScore = Beacon.getTrait(0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000, 121371448299756538184036965, 2630000)