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Integrating the DegenScore Beacon

Both the on-chain and off-chain data for every Beacon is available for all, permissionlessly.

Whether you want to display user’s on-chain reputation in your dApp’s frontend, or whether you want to attract highly skilled, top DegenScore users for your next big on-chain project, a simple DegenScore Beacon integration is the answer.

How do I integrate the Beacon?

There are two aspects to consider when integrating the DegenScore Beacon:

  1. Do I need the Beacon data on-chain or off-chain?
  2. Do I need the Primary or Secondary trait of a Beacon holder?

Check the table below to understand what integration suits your needs best:

Use data on-chainUse data off-chain
Primary Trait
(ex. DegenScore)
✅ Beacon smart contract✅ Beacon smart contract
✅ Beacon metadata API
Secondary Traits
(ex. Top 1% Uniswap User)
🚫 Secondary traits are not available on-chain✅ Beacon metadata API